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Crystal Clusters

Crystal Clusters

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Amethyst: One of the best known and most beautiful crystals! Amethyst has been prized since ancient times, used in royal jewelry such as crowns and scepters. Popular as a purifying crystal, helping to ward off negative influences and protects from environmental stress. Calms the nervous system and the brain, easing headaches and migraines, opens the third-eye and crown chakras, enhancing personal spiritual awareness. Wear or carry Amethyst to help calm mental stress and place under your pillow to improve the quality of sleep.

Citrine*: Citrine is used to bring the energy field, or aura, of the person into alignment with the physical body. Stress and traumatic events can cause depletion, and the energizing qualities of citrine help restore balance. The sparkling beauty of the crystal also attracts abundance, so place it in the home to encourage a better flow of material energy. Stimulates creative thinking and inspiration, freeing the mind of limitations. Helps turn ideas into reality, supports hormone balance in the body and helps to enhance physical vitality and lifts depression.

Clear Quartz: The most popular crystal of all for healing and a common choice when starting a new collection. Other crystals - including Rose Quartz, Amethyst & Citrine - are actually Clear Quartz that has been colored by impurities! Clear Quartz is used to cleanse, focus, and amplify energy levels in the body. They can be programmed, meaning they can reflect the intentions of those who work with them, amplifying the potential for those intentions to take form. Clear Quartz also realigns and refocuses the body, mind, and spirit toward clear goals, increases power of concentration and focus and place in your home to cleanse the energy and enhance peace and clarity.


Smoky Quartz: Smoky Quartz points can be held or placed over areas of tension, or small polished stones can be held in both hands to release negativity. The energy of Smoky Quartz is both soothing and enveloping, encouraging you to rest and relax back into the strength of the earth. It is good to carry it on your person if you work in an environment filled with computers, or if you regularly spend time in a busy city with high levels of pollution or electromagnetic stress. Smoky Quartz neutralizes negativity in the human energy field/aura and protects your home from negative energies.

*Most Citrine sold is heat treated Amethyst. It does not make the crystal any less amazing or beautiful!

**Clearance Citrine! The metaphysical properties of the stone doesn't change, it's just not as pretty as others!

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