Hi, I'm Wendy!

I have been a practicing eclectic/kitchen witch since my teens and always dreamed of having a little shop of my own! I never really thought much of pursuing this particular path until I moved to the middle of the country in November 2017. My creativity sparked and I began making hand carved wands quickly followed by wire wrapping crystals which grew into the esoteric shop I have today!
I have always been a creative person, especially with makeup, and I have witches in my bloodline so creating magickal items just makes sense!
I love doing local markets so more often than not, you can find me peddling my wares every weekend and meeting all of you lovely folks!
My shop is ever evolving as I learn new ways to bring a little magick into your lives! Follow along on my journey through various social media platforms, all @wendyswitchery, and I hope you have the most magickal day!
Blessed Be! 🌙