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Chime Candles

Chime Candles

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These little 4" candles are perfect for any ritual need! Candle magick is simple yet effective in creating a desired outcome! Below is a list of just some of each of the colors and their properties.

Red: Relationships, Romantic Love, Self-Love, Friendships, Family Relationships, power of the Flesh, Physical World, Temporal Pleasures, Passion, Love, Scorn, Courage, Standing Up to Enemies, Stimulates Energy, Vitality, Fertility, Personal Power, Respect, Power, Magnetism, Willpower

Orange: Courage, Creativity, Goal Setting, Sudden Change, Chaos, Bold Moves, Power, Improving Memory, Clarifying Legal Matters & Justice, Removing Fear

Yellow: Brainpower, Intellect, Wisdom of the Ages, Creativity, Inspiration, Concentration, Logic, Learning, Action, Cheerfulness, Endurance, Stability, Security

Green: Luck, Prosperity, Money, Success, Abundance, Bountiful Harvest, Nature, Growth, Healing

Light Blue: Radiates Aquarian Energy, Invoke Calm Waters, Seeking Truth, Harmony, Guidance, Amplify Creativity & Perception

Dark Blue: Communication, Problem Solving, Learning Spells, Primary Spiritual Color, Examination of Emotions, Attainment of Calming Wisdom & Healing Sleep

Purple: Intuition, Confidence, Clairvoyance, Spiritual Connection, Third Eye, Enhancing Psychic Powers, Meditation, Divination, Hidden Knowledge, Spiritual Protection, Find Recognition, Wisdom or Seek Reconciliation with Something that exists in the Realm of Spirits

Pink: Love, Devotion, Friendship, Faith, Forming Partnerships, Seeking Affection, Emotional Healing, Unconditional & Enduring Pure Love, Attract Attention or Achieve a Joyful Purpose

White: Protection, Healing, Purification, Truth, Unity, Harmony, Wholeness of Spirit, Cleansing, Lunar Energy

Black: Ambition, Banishing, Home Blessings, Neutralizing Negative Energies, Protection, warding Off Evil or Negative Energy, Curses, Curse Breaking

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